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LET Data Studio is deeply rooted in the entrepreneurial spirit of our founder, Leopoldo Torres Azcona. While in a leadership position at an established transnational company, Leopoldo began questioning arbitrary decision-making that impacted the lives of workers and their families. This led him to delve into the world of data and analytics, specializing in this field and ultimately deciding to resign and establish his own consulting firm.

At LET, we firmly believe that information is a powerful tool that can benefit organizations and society at large. Therefore, our purpose is to assist Mexican and Latin American companies in harnessing the power of analytics to enhance their customers’ experiences, deliver higher-quality products and services, reach more consumers, and uphold our country’s reputation.

As part of LET Consulting Partner, we are committed to helping leaders, entrepreneurs, and executives make better decisions to achieve more successful businesses and a better-informed and more equitable society. With a focus on data analytics, we provide personalized and effective solutions for each client, guiding them through the complex world of data, technology, and people.

Culture is our backbone

It’s easy for any organization to claim they have a great culture, but the true test lies in speaking with the people who work there to determine if it’s genuinely true.

At LET, we’ve cultivated a culture founded on quality, trust, a service-oriented attitude, and responsibility, and most importantly, we thrive on tackling challenges collaboratively in an inclusive environment.

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The Beauty of Combining Art and Science

Our solutions connect and interpret strategy, data, business, and what’s best for both individuals and the organization.

In today’s world, competition has intensified, and business decision-making can no longer rely solely on intuition. Organizations now require a sustainable competitive advantage to make informed and profitable decisions. In this context, analytics models and the ability to use data to inform and enhance business decisions are crucial. As Thomas Davenport emphasizes in his book ‘Competing on Analytics,’ leading organizations leverage analytics as a differentiating tool to uncover patterns, identify business opportunities, and optimize real-time decision-making. In summary, in today’s world, organizations that do not develop effective analytics models risk falling behind in the competitive race.

information into intelligence.

Don’t halt your progress and miss out on the chance to propel your organization forward.

Your competitor is already doing it

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